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There is relevance of appearance to professional success!

Dress gives one the outward sign from which people can judge the inward state of mind. One they can see, the other they cannot.  Let our trained staff help you to send a professional message.

Your choice of business apparel speaks to your professional behavior and credibility. It is important to understand how to dress for business if you wish to promote yourself and your organization in a positive manner.

How you dress depends on four factors: the industry in which you work, the job you have within that industry, the geographic area in which you live; and most importantly, what your client expects to see.

Men's fashion does not change significantly from season to season but proper business attire is about being professional and not about being fashionable. It's about presenting yourself in a way that makes your clients feel comfortable and confident with you. Dressing for success is still the rule.



  At Riverside Men's Shop we carefully choose the products we offer to our customers. Our men's dress shirts are made of the finest cloths at affordable pricing where quality meets value.

Introducing Hardwick   

Enro Dress Shirts
since 1919 

Luxurious elegant men's dress shirts woven from finely spun two-ply long staple cotton yarns.

Meticulous craftsmanship melds with exclusive Wrinkle Free technology to produce a garment that delivers a refined appearance, uncommon comfort and unparalleled performance.

Starting at $75.00


    Individualized Shirts
   The advantage of a Custom Men's Dress Shirt
We take 8 different measurements to ensure a custom fit
You choose from hundreds of swatches
Collars - 18 Different Collar Styles
Cuffs - 10 Different Cuff Styles
Pockets - 8 Different Pocket Styles
Affordable Luxury!
Individualized Shirts was formed in 1961. The concept was then, as it is today, to provide custom made shirts at a price point competitive with better ready made shirts. Individualized Shirts is the largest manufacturer of custom made shirts in the industry.
Made in U.S.A.

 Forsyth of Canada 
Chemisier since 1903
 John Forsyth began making men's dress shirts in the small town of Kitchener, Ontario in 1903 - 
After over 100 years Forsyth is still Canada's premier heritage fine shirtmaker.  Dress shirts made of the finest materials and a 15 point checklist to ensure a perfect product. 
                                                        Starting at $60.00

 Allen Edmonds Shoes 
Handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  An American Company founded in 1922.  Made from calfskin leather from European Tanneries.
 Allen Edmonds Shoes are designed with a focus on American Classic styling for men's shoes. Handcrafted of the world' finest calfskin. The hand sewn construction allows these dress shoes to be fully re-craftable as a lifetime investment for a minimum price.  
Starting at $195.00 

A man's necktie is the place where "personalty" is best spoken. Whether a bold stripe, whimsical floral or powerful tapestry patterns.  A man's necktie allows a glimpse of who he is and what he likes to show through his business clothing.


J.Z. Richards Ties

 Manufactured in the United States in Boulder, Colorado of 100% woven silk. 

Starting at $75.00







Men's Dress Suit
A man's Dress Suit says he is suited up for the task at hand!  Ready to take on all that is presented to him. He walks self-assured and sure-footed.
All the details regarding quality, durability, fit and style are left to the Riverside Men's Shop experts.

Riverside "Trim Fit" Suit 
Riverside "Trim Fit" Suit
Made of 100% Wool 
includes FREE alterations


Hart Schaffner & Marx Suit
2 Button
100% All Season Worsted Wool
Made in U.S.A.
 Starting at $775.00
includes FREE alterations 
Hart Schaffner & Marx Blazer
Available in Classic Navy or Black
 2 Button 
100% All Season Worsted Wool 
Made in U.S.A. 
 includes FREE alterations
Ralph Lauren SuitRalph Lauren Suits
2 or 3 piece 
2 Button
All Season 100% Wool
Starting at $395.00
includes FREE alterations
The "Riverside" Suit
The "Riverside" Suit
Exclusively made for
Riverside Men's Shop
All Season
100% Worsted Wool
Fully Lined 
includes FREE alterations
RL Chaps Blazer 
The "Riverside" Blazer
2 Button
 All Season Wool/Blend
Fully Lined
(Black or Navy) 
includes FREE alterations
Wool/Cashmere Blend
Available in Gray, Black & Brown
Starting at $275.00
includes FREE alterations  

    Empire of Montreal Topcoat
Knee Legth
Brown Tweed with leather trim 
includes FREE alterations 


Cashmere Blend
Available in Vicuna (shown) & Navy
includes FREE alterations